About Us:

Different, unique, exceptional, extraordinary, surprising, diverse are just a few adjectives people use when they hear his music and get to know him. Able to immaculately move between different musical genres, but maintaining a true dedication to and passion for electronic dance music, the artist, producer, composer, song writer, remixer, sound designer, and engineer is one of the youngest and fastest growing electronic acts in the world. It’s a little difficult to categorize his music.

“I like to make music people can connect with on different levels. Not necessarily just the kind of music that makes you jump up and down at the club and shake your ass to on the dance floor. I listen to all kinds of music, anything from classical music, jazz and classic rock to reggae and hip hop and just about everything else. So I like to utilize all those elements in my productions” elucidates AFSHeeN. There are many things happening for AFSHeeN in the near future including his debut album and many collaborations and remixes, so you better be ready because this is only the beginning for AFSHeeN and you can never predict what surprises he might have for the world.