About Me

Hassan Gheittassi is a native of Iran who has studied both in his home country and abroad. He was trained as a professional linguist at the prestigious Paris Sorbonne University in Abu Dhabi. Hassan has studied English and French and speaks both languages fluently. Mr. Gheittassi holds a bachelor of arts degree in French language and translation from Islamic Azad University in Tehran. Upon completion of his bachelor's degree, he was awarded a full scholarship from Paris Sorbonne University to continue his studies at the graduate level. Hassan earned an associate degree with a major in hospitality, hotel management, and tourism to compliment his language proficiency. To further enhance his talents in linguistics, he also has a background in the experimental sciences from Bagherololoom High School in Tehran expanding his abilities to include technical and scientific translations.

Professional Achievements:
During his university studies, Hassan served as a language instructor teaching students to speak Farsi by communicating with them in either English or French, thus demonstrating his linguistic flexibility and skills as an educator. Hassan's proficiency with language and expertise as a professional interpreter have been recognized by educational, industrial, and private institutions. When conducting business in Iran, representatives of the Turkish company, KAYA, manufacturers of dairy equipment, have enlisted the services of Mr. Gheittassi for his unique combination of linguistic and technical expertise. People throughout the Middle East are familiar with Rani, Barbican, and Vimto beverages produced by the multinational Al Aujan Company. This major corporation has also called upon Mr. Gheittassi for its translation needs. A fan of football himself, Hassan has had the opportunity to provide translation services to the Iranian Football Federation, facilitating visits of foreign teams to his home country and allowing them to interact effectively with Iranian associates. His translation abilities have also served Pichdaran Company in Tehran where he was responsible for translating documents from French and English to Persian. Hassan's career also includes working as a tour guide for Golseir Travel Agency in his home city of Tehran escorting international visitors to Iran. He currently runs his own business teaching Persian and French both online through various web sites and to foreign visitors who want to learn Persian to enhance their travel experience. Visitors to Iran may call on this capable professional to show them the sites of Tehran while helping them to learn the country's ancient language. Hassan Gheittassi has a record of success in academic, business and tourism translation making him an ideal candidate to meet your business and pleasure travel and translation needs.

Hassan Gheittassi has followed his passion for languages throughout his educational and professional life. He is one of the truly blessed people who loves what he is doing and is living his dreams. From an early age, Hassan has studied languages and cultures. His goal is to master several other languages in addition to those he already speaks. Hassan has begun study of Arabic, Turkish, and German. In the future he plans to learn Spanish, Italian, Hindi and Urdu. This arsenal of linguist ability will allow Mr. Gheittassi to travel throughout the world communicating with and learning from people in their native tongues.
He is interested in sociology and has personally corresponded with one of the greatest social linguists of the modern era, Noam Chomsky. Hassan's fascination with language and communication extends to the very workings of the human brain. In Abu Dhabi he had the opportunity to meet Nobel Laureate in Economics, John Nash, of Princeton University, one of the greatest mathematical geniuses of our time. Nash's life inspired the Academy Award winning 2001 film, A Beautiful Mind, which Hassan counts among his favorite movies. Hassan has been inspired by scholars from around the world and emulates their work ethics in his own pursuits.
Outside of the academic sphere, Hassan enjoys traditional Persian music, which gives him a sense of peace and tranquility as well as a connection to his rich heritage. Hassan is also a singer and has been nicknamed Le Chanteur de la Sorbonne (the singer of the Sorbonne) by his fellow students. His beautiful voice could be heard throughout the campus putting smiles on the faces of students from around the world as they enjoyed a pleasant interlude from their studies.
When he isn't singing or speaking in a foreign language, Hassan mediates in the silence of the mountains, enjoying the clean area and the presence of Allah. Hassan is a self-proclaimed dreamer, a man in touch with life's many possibilities who also possesses the ability to make his dreams come true. Nine years before actually studying at the Sorbonne, Hassan imagined himself there. He worked diligently at his studies to make that dream a reality and in 2008 stood at the entrance of that prestigious institution having earned a full academic scholarship. Hassan could only smile, the private smile of a person who is living his dream.
Hassan has an adventurous spirit. His desire to travel will eventually carry him across the Atlantic Ocean on the Queen Elizabeth 2 to visit the Big Apple of New York City. While in the United States, he plans to visit Boston, the home of many Nobel laureates who have inspired Hassan's studies from childhood. Presently a swimming enthusiast, Hassan's future plans include scuba diving. He is a great lover of the ocean and seas. He is fascinated by underwater life and will take his interest in photography to the depths of the waters to capture its mystery on digital media. Perhaps more daring, Hassan dreams of skydiving, feeling the the rhapsody of air around him and returning gently to the earth suspended only by a parachute.
But for now, his earth bound passions direct him to the study of history through novels and biographies learning how people lived during other times and in other places. He has read about the lives of scientists, world leaders, and famous scholars. Hassan also enjoys reading psychology, genetics, and neurology. He is a lover of famous quotations such and has summarized his personal philosophy in the words of Albert Einstein: “Imagination is everything. It is a preview of life's coming attractions.”